Recent work

The Haricot combination mark, with sea green script and a pink line illustration of three dots, the last splitting open like a seed, on a purple background.


Haricot is a concept for a ready-to-eat dinner service that empowers users to feed hungry people in their communities.

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Various app screens are tiled diagonally around a central phone with the app's dashboard screen displayed, all hovering on a gradient from purple to coral.

Bag of Sharing

Bag of Sharing is a mobile cloud collaboration tool for pen-and-paper gamers. Organize and share all of your game files to create better RPGs.

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A laptop and smartphone showing different aspects of the portfolio homepage hover on a large yellow dot which goes out of frame to the upper right.

Rachel Rose Portfolio

I translated the original designs from Sketch files into a responsive website using CSS Grid.

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Bishop Beef logotype in hybrid blackletter typeface, white text on black background.

Music Artist Landing Page

A minimal landing page I built for a fictitious rap persona for the freecodecamp web developer course.

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An isometric view of a smartphone with screen for the music app, hovering on a background of light turquoise.

Beef Beats

Beef Beats is my first foray into jQuery, in an exercise at Bloc. Using some source files I refactored some javascript into jQuery and wrote some from scratch.

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Connect with me

I am open to new freelance projects and full-time opportunities in UX design and responsive web development.